Simplifying the Music Industry,
Empowering Creators

Reshaping the Music Industry

The music industry is largely inhabitable for many independent or unsigned artists. This means that additional avenues for musicians to publicize their work and generate revenue are needed. BeatNami aims to be the primary channel for musicians on the blockchain.

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How can Music NFTs shape the music industry

How Can NFTs Shape the Music

The music industry is complicated - everything from licensing to royalties and branding. Here's a few ways music NFTs are changing things up.

Music Licensing - How do musicians approach music licensing?

Licensing in the Music Industry

Copyright and licensing can get complicated. But it doesn't have to be. Here's a simple breakdown of the different types of music licensing.

Sync Licensing

Sync Licensing Basics for Musicians

Sync licensing is one of the best ways to generate income from your music. Let's dive into how it works and how musicians can get involved.

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